Oso Memory Profiler

4.3 - OsoMP_Free

Generates a new free event in the profile.

void OsoMP_Free( UInt8                 type,
                 void*                 mem,
                 const OsoMPAttribute* attributes,
                 UInt32                noofattributes );
type Specifies the type of memory block being freed.

This value can be one of the standard memory block types, or any custom type previously registered through a call to OsoMP_NewBlockType.
mem The memory address of the block being freed.
attributes Address of the first attribute in an array of attributes that will be appended to this event.

This parameter can be NULL if no custom attributes are required for this memory block.
noofattributes The number of entries in the array pointed to by the attributes parameter.
A free event typically indicates that a previously allocated piece of memory is being freed by the application. The type and memory address must be identical to those passed to OsoMP_Allocate for the Oso Memory Profiler to be able to correctly match events together.

Free events that cannot be paired with matching allocation events will be marked as being unmatched (an error) in the Oso Memory Profiler.