Oso Memory Profiler

4 - SDK Reference

This final section of the Oso Memory Profiler user manual contains API references for the Oso Memory Profiler SDK.

  1. Generates a new allocation event in the profile.

  2. Flushes all cached profile data, and closes any open network connection.

  3. Generates a new free event in the profile.

  4. Callback function called by the profiler as part of its initialisation process.

  5. Initialises the Oso Memory Profiler SDK.

  6. Generates a new message event in the profile.

  7. Inserts a new attribute type into the profile.

  8. Inserts a new block type into the profile.

  9. Inserts a new error expression into the profile.

  10. Inserts a new warning expression into the profile.

  11. Specifies a name for the current profile.

  12. Specifies a name for the calling thread.