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3.7.6 - Search dialog

The Search Dialog allows you to search for specific text strings within the main Oso XML Merge view.

The search dialog
Search For Enter the text you wish to search for in the edit box. Previously searched for text can be selected from the dropdown list.
Look in Choose where to search:
  • Messages
    When this option is selected, the text from any message events will be searched.

  • Callstacks
    When selected, callstacks from all events will be included in the search.

  • Event attributes
    This option will extend the search to all event attributes.
Options Additional search options:
  • Match case
    Enable or disable case-sensitive searches with this check box. By default this option is disabled and searches ignore case.

  • Match whole words
    When selected, this option will only match the search text if it is surrounded by either punctuation or whitespace (spaces, tabs, etc). When deselected the search engine may locate matches within the middle of other words.

Closing the Search Dialog

When you have entered your search text and chosen the options you require, click the 'Find xxx' button to begin searching either forwards or backwards (depending on the direction you last searched).

Alternatively you can click on the arrow on the right of the bottom to display a menu with additional search options:

Find Previous Begin searching backwards from the current location.
Find Next Begin searching forwards from the current location.
Bookmark All Bookmarks all matching events.
Create Filtered View Creates a new events view with a search filter attached.
Once you have begun searching, you can press the F3 key to repeat the search forwards through the current view, or Shift+F3 to search backwards.

Click the 'Cancel' button to close the Search Dialog without searching.