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3.3 - Session tabs

The Oso Memory Profiler supports multiple profiles (sessions) being open at the same time.

All currently open sessions are represented by a tab in the bar directly below the toolbar.

The name displayed in the tab will be one of the following:
  1. The name of the session as specified when profiling.

  2. The filename of a session loaded from disk.

  3. The text "Untitled" for an unnamed, unsaved network session.

Tab Icons

The icon for each tab indicates the type of session that is open:

File Session
Indicates that this session was either loaded from a file, or is a disconnected network session that has been saved to disk.
Active Network Session
A network session that is still connected via TCP to the application that is being profiled.
Disconnected Network Session
Disconnected network sessions were connected to an application, but the connection has been lost - either because the remote application has been terminated, or because of transient network issues.

The session tab's context menu.

Context Menu

Right clicking over a session tab displays a context menu with options related to managing the session:

Save Saves the current profile to disk. If the Oso Memory Profiler does not have a filename for the current session, you will be prompted to select a destination file.
Save As... Prompts you to select a destination file and then saves the results of the current session to that file.
Close Closes the current session.

You will be prompted to save the profile data if it contains unsaved events.
Close Others Closes all sessions except the current one.
Close All Closes all open sessions.
Copy Filename Copies the filename of the current session to the system clipboard.
Open Containing Folder Opens the folder where the current session is located.
Disconnect Disconnects the current session.