Oso Memory Profiler

3.2 - Toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the main Oso Memory Profiler window provides immediate access to most common operations that you will need.

As you can see in the above image, the buttons in the toolbar are loosely collected into groups containing similar functionality.

Icons on the left side of the Oso Memory Profiler window provide access to functionality that will help you examine your memory profiles, while the two icons on the right provide quick access to help and additional information about the Oso Memory Profiler.

The rest of this page will detail the functionality of each button in the toolbar. The sections below correspond to the groups displayed in the toolbar.

Input Commands
Prompts you to select a memory profile to open.
Reloads the currently active memory profile.
Top Level Filters
View Errors
Toggles displaying events with errors in all views.
View Warnings
Toggles displaying events with warnings in all views.
View Messages
Toggles the display of message events in the thread streams.
View Others
Toggles displaying memory events that do not have errors or warnings in all Oso Memory Profiler views.
Help Commands
Oso Corporation Website
Opens the main page of the Oso Corporation website in your web browser.
Online User Manual
Opens the Oso Memory Profiler user manual in your favourite web browser.