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3.2.2 - Create format specification

The Create Format Specification dialog box will be displayed after the user has indicated they would like to create a new format specification for the XML files currently being loaded.
The Create Format Specification dialog box.
Specification Name
Enter a name for the new format specification. These names are primarily for user-recognition, so we recommend you make them as user-friendly as possible. You cannot leave the name field empty.
Filename Wildcards
Project: Merge uses the root element of an XML file to determine which format specification should be used for the XML files being loaded. If there are multiple format specifications defined for the same root element, Project: Merge will attempt to match the name of the XML file with the filename wildcards defined for each of those format specifications.

Separate multiple filename wildcards with commas (,). Wildcards can be any standard MS-DOS wildcard - Use ? to match a single character, and * to match multiple characters. For example, *.vcproj will match all filenames that end with '.vcproj'.
Once all the necessary details for the new format specification have been entered, click OK to continue loading the selected XML files. The file specification details will be automatically saved for future sessions. The format specification can be later modifed through the Preferences Dialog.
Clicking the Cancel button or the dialog close button will cancel the format specification creation and return you to the Open Dialog.
Clicking the ? button next to the dialog close button will open this page in your web browser.

Once your format specification has been created, you can modify and tweak it through the Preferences Dialog. You can open the Preferences Dialog through the Edit Menu or through the element properties menu item from the context menu of the main Project: Merge window.