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1.1 - Getting started

Installing Project: Merge is a very straight forward operation. Simply run the windows installer file downloaded from the Project: Merge website. The installer will lead you through the installation process. It should be noted that due to the extremely low disk space requirements of Project: Merge (under 2MB), the installer does not offer any options to change the install location. This is by design.

Once installed, you can launch Project: Merge through the shortcut located in the Windows Start Menu. Launching Project: Merge in this manner will cause Project: Merge to show the Open Dialog. Alternatively you can start Project: Merge through a command prompt, or by hooking it into other third party applications such as P4V. Both of these alternatives require you familiarise yourself with the Command Line Parameters.

When upgrading your version of Project: Merge to a more recent version, there is no need to uninstall any existing versions. The installer will always do this automatically. Should you wish to uninstall Project: Merge for whatever reason, you may do so through the Windows Control Panel.