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3.5.7 - Conflict resolution dialogs

The Conflict Resolution Dialog for two way operations.
The Conflict Resolution Dialog for three way operations.
As you can see from the above images, there are two different dialogs for resolving conflicts between the input XML files.

The top dialog will be used when you are comparing or merging two XML files, while the bottom dialog will be used for three way operations.

Both dialogs work in the same manner though.

Target Selection

Apply To
Choose the XML nodes that the auto resolve will be applied to. By deselecting some of these entries, you can limit your conflict resolution to specific conflicts without affecting others.

Select None
Deselects all items in the Apply To list.

Select All
Selects all items in the Apply To list.

The remaining options in the dialog let you define how any conflicts in the selected XML nodes are resolved. These options differ slightly depending on whether you are in the middle of a two way or three way operation, but their basic usage remains the same.

Simply choose which way you would like the conflict to be resolved, and click OK.