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3.5 - Dialog windows

This last part of the Oso XML Merge user interface reference covers dialog windows.

  1. Details the options available when choosing which XML files to compare and/or merge.

  2. Covers how to choose a format specification when there are multiple possibilities for the selected XML files.

  3. Explains what you need to do when creating a new Format Specification.

  4. Describes the trial period dialog which will appear when running an unregistered copy of Oso XML Merge.

  5. Details all the panels and options available in the preferences dialog.

  6. Covers the options available when registering your copy of Oso XML Merge.

  7. Describes the options you have when automatically resolving conflicts between the loaded XML files.

  8. Explains the options available when searching for text within the loaded XML files.

  9. Covers how the automatic update system in Oso XML Merge notifies you when a new version is available.

  10. Describes the about dialog.