Oso XML Merge

1.2 - Licences

You cannot use Oso XML Merge without having a licence installed. The installed licence can either be a full licence you have purchased in our online store, or it can be a trial licence.

Trial licences allow you to evaluate Oso XML Merge for free for a period of 14 days. After this time, you must purchase a full licence to be able to continue using Oso XML Merge.

Full licences apply to specific versions of Oso XML Merge, but when valid for the version you have installed allow you to use Oso XML Merge indefinitely.

Installing a Licence

When launched for the very first time, Oso XML Merge will attempt to connect to the Oso Corporation licence server on TCP port 80 and download a trial licence. If Oso XML Merge cannot connect to the licence server, you will be prompted to enter a licence manually. This process involves using the Oso Corporation Licence Generator on this website to obtain a trial licence.

Secure Communications

We take your privacy and security very seriously. To ensure your data is protected at all times, all information sent between Oso XML Merge and the Oso Corporation licence server will always be encrypted. Oso XML Merge will send data to our licence server when obtaining a trial licence, and also as part of the registration procedure.

When communicating with our licence server, Oso XML Merge will always collect and send the following pieces of information:
  • Product Identifier and Version Information
    Obviously our licence server needs to know which of our products it is communicating with. So these two pieces of information are extracted from the Oso XML Merge executable and sent.

  • User Identifier
    If you have a version of Project: Merge installed (or have had one in the past) the legacy Project: Merge UserID will be read from your system registry and sent back so your existing licence information (if any) can be located.

  • System Identifier
    A text string that can be used by the Oso Corporation licence server to uniquely identify your computer without identifying you or anything about you.

    The following three pieces of information are read from Windows:

    • Your Windows Serial Number.
    • Your Computer Name.
    • Your Windows Login Name.

    They are combined together into a single text string, which is then hashed with SHA512 to produce the final identifier which is sent to the Oso Corporation licence server.

    Due to the one-way nature of hashing functions, it is impossible to retrieve the original three pieces of information from the identifier that is sent to the licence server.

When registering a copy of Oso XML Merge, the following pieces of information will also be sent:
  • Your name
    The name you entered in the Licensing Dialog. When registering this is initialised by default to your Windows login name, but you can change this if required.

    Any names you provide will be used to count the number of registered users attached to any given licence, and will be displayed as part of your licence information when logged in to our website. At no time will we reveal or share this information with any third parties.

  • Your computer name or the location name you entered
    We store this name so that you can more easily identify and manage your licences when logged in to our website. When registering this will be initalised to the name of your computer, but you can change it to whatever you like.

    This name is for your reference only. At no time will we reveal or share this information with any third parties.

  • Your Licence Key
    Obviously we need to know which licence you're using to register Oso XML Merge.