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3.5.9 - Upgrade dialog

The upgrade dialog box.
When you start a registered version of Oso XML Merge, it will attempt to communicate with the Oso Corporation website to check for any new releases that might be available for you to install. Please note that this requires that Oso XML Merge is installed on a computer with Internet access, and outgoing connections to on TCP port 80 are not restricted. If the connection cannot be made, Oso XML Merge will not notify you of this.

If a new version is available the Upgrade Dialog, as shown above, will be displayed. As you can see, this dialog will inform you which new version is available, along with the version of Oso XML Merge you are currently using.

The available options in the dialog should be pretty self explanatory:

Change Log...
Opens the list of changes for the new version in your favourite web browser. The change lists for all versions of Oso XML Merge (and Project: Merge before it) are always available on the Oso Corporation website here.

Instructs Oso XML Merge to download the new version in the background. You can continue working in your current session while it downloads. The new version will be installed when you exit Oso XML Merge.

Allows you to postpone this update for a certain amount of time. A pop-up menu (pictured above) gives you three time periods you can postpone the update for.

Unsupported Upgrades

The unsupported upgrade dialog box.
If there is an update available that your existing licence does not cover, Oso XML Merge will notify you with a different Upgrade Dialog. This will usually occur when we bump the major version number of Oso XML Merge. All major revisions of all Oso Corporation products can co-exist on a single machine without affecting each other, so you can always try out new features without breaking your current installation.

Just choose one of the options presented to you in the dialog and click OK to continue.

As before, you can click on the Change Log button to view more information about the new version.