Oso Memory Profiler

4.6 - OsoMP_Message

Generates a new message event in the profile.

void OsoMP_Message( const char*           message,
                    UInt32                rgbcolour,
                    const OsoMPAttribute* attributes,
                    UInt32                noofattributes );
message Specifies the message text that will be displayed in the Oso Memory Profiler.
rgbcolour Defines the colour that will be used for the background of this message in the Oso Memory Profiler timelines.
attributes Address of the first attribute in an array of attributes that will be appended to this event.

This parameter can be NULL if no custom attributes are required for this memory block.
noofattributes The number of entries in the array pointed to by the attributes parameter.
Message events can be used to provide hints to application state at any given time. They appear as regular events in timelines within the Oso Memory Profiler.