Oso Memory Profiler - Event Details

When you select an event in either the event streams or the memory map views, you are presented with detailed information about that event.

The top section of this event information (shown on the right) gives you a high level overview of the selected event. In the case of allocation and free events this area will be split into two parts - allocation information on the left, and free information on the right.

Below the top section you will see remaining details split into three tabs:


Each event related to a memory block will have at least one callstack - for when the memory block was allocated. As long as the memory was freed later, there will also be a second callstack for that free event.

Messages will have a single callstack for when the message was generated.


Any problems which have been identified will also be listed with as much information as possible to help identify exactly what caused the problem to be identified in the first place.


Finally, all known attributes about an event will also be listed. These will include application defined attributes as well as standard event information presented in attribute form for completeness.